Portland Drupal Business Summit

Leverage the power of open source to open doors.


What is Drupal, why is it more than just a CMS, and how can you use it to create the best possible digital experience?

Hear from businesses on how Drupal worked for them, and get inside info on why it might be the best choice for your organization.


Friday, Jan 25th 2013. 3p-6p


The Nines Hotel

The Nines, Portland, OR

525 Southwest Morrison St.
Portland, OR 97204


  • Kevin Colligan

    Kevin Colligan is a digital media executive with a rare blend of strategy, creative and technical expertise. He specializes in designing large-scale content websites and apps, particularly those associated with major television events (GRAMMY Awards, Super Bowl and World Series.) He is a strong advocate of leveraging the power of one Content Management System (CMS) to efficiently manage content across multiple platforms (adaptive websites, mobile and social apps, interactive television apps, etc.)

    Currently the head of Digital Media for the GRAMMY Awards, Kevin oversaw the relaunch of GRAMMY.com on Drupal 6 in 2009 and is currently working on a Drupal 7 relaunch for upcoming 2013 broadcast. Before joining the GRAMMYs, Kevin was Executive Producer for Major League Baseball, where he wrote the functional spec for the proprietary CMS that powered all MLB and team sites for a decade. He has previously worked as VP of Content/Executive Producer for the start-up Active.com and Lead Producer for FOXSports.com. He started his career as a newspaper reporter.


  • Dan Sadowsky

    Dan Sadowsky leads the Website, Content & Services Team for Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian agency based in Portland. His team is responsible for developing and managing website content, creating engaging user experiences, facilitating online fundraising strategies, and building and maintaining the infrastructure that powers the site.

  • Kristin Boden-MacKay

    Kristin Boden-Mackay, principal, technologist, photographer holds dual bachelor of science degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Santa Clara University. She's spent her entire career in technology - from R&D to first (and only) webmaster for Nike, building nike.com from a single splash page to a global brand & eCommerce powerhouse, Kristin’s expertise in web technologies started early -back in her R&D days in higher education and the non-profit sector, she built some of the very first web servers, even before the internet was, well, public.

  • Bill Winett

    28 years working in IT, as an employee at GE, Tektronix, HotWired, Computer Strategy Coordinators (small marketing services firm acquired by DoubleClick); as a consultant at companies including Apple, Intel, HP, Charles Schwab, First Interstate Bank, Pacific Bell, Taco Bell; and I've trained employees at the IRS, the U.S. Air Force, Canada's Atomic Energy Commission, and many other organizations. I've been a programmer, analyst, technical lead, system administrator, database administrator, project manager, IT manager, and CIO.

  • Heidi Kayser

    Heidi Kayser is the corporate marketing manager at InFocus Corp., where she sets the strategic direction of corporate communications programs and facilitates their implementation. She is responsible for positioning and messaging strategies, business development, corporate identity, media relations, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), and marketing events. At InFocus, she has helped manage approximately 20 product launches, including the introduction of the Mondopad, the company’s flagship giant touch tablet, at CES 2012.

    Prior to joining InFocus, Kayser worked at Vestas, Logis NW and UPS in various strategic procurement, supply chain management and account management positions.